Nicole and Anita in a meeting

Our Story

Over 20 Years of Experience

Nicole Gerami, LLC began as Western Reserve Speech and Language Partners in 1996. What began as a small practice with two speech-language pathologists blossomed into a thriving company that is now known as Nicole Gerami, LLC. Nicole’s goal has always been to provide high-quality speech and language therapy at a price that families can afford. Nicole has hired the best and brightest in order to create a well-rounded group of 10 speech language pathologists to meet all of our clients’ needs. F.I.T. (Friendship In Teams), once a separate company, has now merged with Nicole Gerami, LLC, and our talented staff continues to provide the excellent social skills therapy that has come to be associated with the “F.I.T.” name.  Our therapists provide speech and language services in a number of area schools as well as in our office, and Nicole Gerami also provides consultation, evaluation, and forensic services as one of the most respected SLP’s in the region.