FIT Program

For Ages 13-19

13-19 age group kids

FIT Ages 13-19

Our Program for Teens

Adolescent FIT students are ready to delve into more advanced social skills and topics as our staff supports them in their transition to young adulthood. Target skills that are worked on throughout the year may include social perspective-taking, initiation and responding to peers and adults, reading social cues, eye contact, self-regulation skills, approaching peers appropriately in conversation and play, managing social media, and understanding the dynamics of building and maintaining friendships. We refer to our teens in the FIT program as “CIT’s” which stands for Counselors in Training. When youth have participated in the program long enough and if instructors feel they are ready, they may earn a summer job as a camp counselor for the younger students in FIT Camp. In this way, the program takes a practical approach to building real-life job skills.

(Please note: Working at FIT Camp is not a requirement, is not appropriate for all students, and is available as an option only when a student is approved by Nicole Gerami for this role.)

Programs offered for teens include: